07 July, 2005

Zombie Dog

I found this picture of my dog recently and it made me think. If my dog was wandering around a bunch of zombies, would they eat him or think of him as a zombie. Then that led me to think. How do zombies recognize other zombies. The film Shaun of the Dead made a pass that all you had to do to fool a zombie was to walk slowly and moan. Resident Evil on the other hand works on the assumption that it's all a virus and the virus knows what other things have the virus in it. Do they just smell the living blood coursing through our vains? Obviously not all zombies have eyes so there's got to be something that attracts zombies to people. If that is so, and it is some kind of scent or noise or visual cue, could there be a possibility of producing something that could make us virtually invisible to zombies? Could there be something that makes a zombie think that we are a zombie and pass us right by?


Blogger wwinkler said...

Why Zombies only crave living human flesh.

This is a question that has plagued mankind since we first learned about the Zombie problem. Though not able to be scientifically proven, I do have a theory that I believe is sound and hope to one day seen proven. The Romero-Fulci Disease (RFD) is known to be the effect of the virus dubbed Solanum. Now it has yet to be discovered where/when the Solanum virus came from/into existence, though it was first dubbed the Solanum virus in 1913 in Sweden by Dr. Jan Vanderhaven. Most of my colleges will know this next bit of information, but seeing as this is a place for the ill-prepared to prepare, I shall give a general background on the virus.
Solanum is a virus that is transmitted though the bodily fluids (typically from saliva to blood due to a bite from a zombie). Once into the blood stream it travels to the brain, more specifically the frontal lobe region. The virus uses the cells of the frontal lobe region for replication of itself. During this process the victim will see a rise in body temperature, extreme headache, chest pains, and inevitably cardiac arrest. With the heart stopped the brain stays in a dormant state while the virus mutates the front part of the brain into and entirely new organ and is completely independent of oxygen. (While I don’t agree with many of “Dr.” Pecos’ theories he has done some research that I find interesting on the biology of the zombie brain. Here is a picture of a cross examined healthy human brain and a zombie brain. http://www.fvza.org/zscience2.html ) Once this is done the newly formed organ re-animates the victim leaving it with basic motor skills and in some cases what seems to be small recollections of memories of ones past.
What seems to be the one re-occurring factor in all zombie victims once re-animated are the hunger pains for living human flesh. Now that we have a small amount of background information I would like to address this issue.
From what I have been able to uncover in my research of the solanum virus is that all it seems to care about is self replification. Which ever theory you take hold of for where it derived from (alien virus, mutated due to extreme radiation from military testing, or human created virus for medical research), the one common fact is that it is only looking to spread itself by infecting more hosts with RFD. This theory seems to coincide with the theory of natural selection (I do not agree with many parts of the natural selection theory, but it does seem to fit in this case.). The virus wants to spread itself, it would do no goof for an infected host to try and infect another host which has already been infected and has succumbed to RFD. Therefore victims suffering from RFD only seem to attack those not infected. It would seem to me that the virus itself is the one that communicating with the host as to who is infected and who needs to be infected. It wouldn’t make any logical sense if RFD victims were only able to track non-infected humans by sound, sight or smell because of the degradation RFD victims suffer within a few days after re-animation due to decomposition (i.e. ears falling off from non-fatal baseball bat blows, nose plugged by mucus that is escaping the nasal cavity, eyes drying out from no replenishment of liquids and no blinking). So it only makes logical sense that the virus itself is what is communicating with the host, telling it who to attack and where to go.
If you believe this theory as I do you would NEVER chance walking into a street filled with zombies moaning, walking stiff jointed and flailing your arms in hopes of them not “seeing” you.

This raises another question. Rabies is a similar virus, which spreads by inducing its carriers to bite other animals. Presumably the same logic applies. So, is there any tendency for rabid animals to preferentially bite uninfected victims? If we were to put some rabid animals in a cage with non-rabid animals, would the rabid animals leave each other alone and attack the non-rabid ones? I don’t really think my theory applies to rabies, but it would be worth looking into I think.

4:51 PM, July 09, 2005  
Blogger Dylan said...

I see what you're saying, and I like it. Possibly there could be a way of harnessing the virus or carrying the virus in an external suit that would make you claoked to the infected. That is to say that it is not an intelligent lifeform, (which may assume to much with the lack of research that we have). But possibly, just having the virus in a live form, sort of surrounding us, may be enough to be invisible. Though it also may work the opposite and serve as a larger homing becon for our ripe flesh.

11:12 PM, July 09, 2005  
Blogger wwinkler said...

I realy dont think there could be an effective way of making a "Solanum suit" that could mask the presence of our living flesh from the zombies, without bringing great unescessary risk to the one bearing the suit. Other than placing an explosive device right in the center of a horde of zombies I see no reason to bring that kind of risk upon some one. And if you are using it to infultrate a mass quantity of zombies for the sake of placing a high explosive in the center of the mass there are much more effecive ways of doing this, such as placing the explosive then using other means to draw the zombies to that location.
The only time I see that a "Solanum Suit" would be of any use is if you are in a building surrounded by a zombie horde and are out of supplies or the zombies are breaking through your perimiter. Even in this situation I would rather take my chances with a baseball bat/shotgun that being placed in a device that is made of exactly what I am trying to destroy.

11:18 AM, July 11, 2005  
Blogger wwinkler said...

As an ammendmet to my post:
From the research that I have studied it seems to me that the Solanum virus can not live outside of the human body. It has been depicted in a few films(i.e. Resident Evil 1/2) that you could have zombie dogs. I realy do not agree with this. The research that I have come across and have studied show that if a zombie bites any other form of create that death occurs, but no re-animation occurs just death.
So with this information I think we can assume that a suit made of "living"(and I use the work loosly) Solanum is highly unprobably to be able to manufature.

11:27 AM, July 11, 2005  
Blogger Dylan said...

First off, i was only using the picture of my dog because it reminded me of this subject. If we make the assumption that the virus can not live in other beings, i'm alright with that. But i think that a suit would be not only probable but practical. Such as rescue missions into highly surrounded areas. A couple of people go into the area bringing extra suits, everyone walks away alive. That's practical. And yes those zombies need to be killed, but if you don't have the means at the moment then this is a way of saving people. As for Zombie bombs i say just drop one or get some RPG's instead of going for the trying to get one into the middle of them.
The probability of the suit is high i believe. A self contained suit built upon the technology of deep sea diving,(without the obvious bulk of needing to be pressurized,) could be build with vains of the virus running through it. NOt only would the suit pump the virus through the vains it would also keep it alive (small life support system) mimicing the effects of an infected human.

5:01 PM, July 11, 2005  
Blogger wwinkler said...

I like your thoughts on the diving suit. I think its a good premise. I hadnt concidered the ablitly to sustain the virus within the veins of that type of suite. It would make sense that I would be able to work if you could introduce living human tissue into the "blood" stream of the suite to fool the virus into thinking it was actualy inside a human host. I recind my previous comments on not being able to create a zombie camoflauge suite.

8:49 PM, July 11, 2005  
Anonymous Solanum said...

Interesting theroy.I think Solanum can only survive inside (what little is left) of the human body.Viruses will eventually die without support from it's host organism and i believe the same rule applies to Solanum.I belive Solanum can survive without it's host for 48 hours or so,and who would want to keep getting near enough to a zombie to extract Solanum,even if the "zombie" in question was restrained.Also studies have shown that zombies have the basic predatorial urge to eat any meat,for example and study by Vanderhaven showed that a "zombie" would eat a mouse whole.EWWWWWW

6:14 PM, August 07, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear living ones, if what happen in "Sean of the Dead" pretending to be a zombie happen in real life the charicters "will" be notices as pray, not 1 of their oun. Amazingy zombies can see you even with no eyeballs. They are attracted to any small sound. Their smell is as good as ours and if your dog us bitten, dont worrie, much, he/she will not turn 2 the undead, it will just die in a matter of ours. The virus called "solanum" only reanimates us. Theres no cure for it. They say if you, lets say were bitten in the hand, dont cut the freaking thing off! Its to late! So make your peace with god and kill yourself, or become 1 of the ghouls. Its all in the book "Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks. You might have read it . I recommed it to every1. It made things so clear to me and famus Rob Zombie belivers. What really pisses me off is the government and churches covers up every storie not letting us know the trueth. Unless the president was a zombie.........hmmm.....that might work. Remember the great book "The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks.

7:32 PM, November 18, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

solanum only infects the human body, if your dog was bitten by a zombie, it would have died within minutes.

2:40 AM, July 09, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back 2 your idea of a Solanum suit to cloak your prescnec to a Zombie while this is a good idea a better 1 would be to try and make other Zombies recognise each other as living organisms. To try and trnsform a dead organism into a living one seems a bit far fetched but it is possible Zombies don't ignore each other because they can detect the virus in others it's because they are dead and if you can accomplished making even a part of a zombie flesh living they would simply devour each other.

4:20 AM, July 09, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well i don't know if anyone is still reading this. But i have read the Zombie Survival Guide and I love that book. I have a great interest in the undead. But in the book it says that zombies have no idea nor show any sign of noticing other zombies. So then detecting Solanum might be a resonible idea. But a Solanum suit would be quite Dangerous. Because as you said it could have the opposite effect and draw them from a farther distance. And if a dog was bitten and infected with Solanum He would die and not have enough time to reanimate.

9:37 PM, July 12, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have The Zombie Survival Guide too. I Think it has many great points. I am getting ready with what the book suggests. Talk with me to comfirm toughts on the book.

11:46 AM, July 17, 2006  
Anonymous Senayalayasha-Sama said...

The Solanum virus only lives in humans. Animals that are quick enough (or smart enough) flee once the stench of the undead hit thier noses. In the 'Zombie Survival Guide', Brooks said that depending on the climate, zombies could live up to ten years or more. This is a fearful thought because if they did succeed in somehow overtaking the world in a Class Three or Four outbreak, it would take decades for the last few to die out if you're the type of person that5 doesn't like to kill. If you're tired of hiding, then by all means go out and hunt the ghouls down, but make sure that you're ready for it and have a group of your most trusted friends around to cover for you. Buy the Guide, live by it, and you should be fine unless you somehow screw up.
The idea of the Solanum suit does sound like a good idea, but it may do more harm than good. Like with what W said previouisly, if the Solanum virus can communicate with it's host, then it could possibly just make you a beacon. But, I don't know. It's my opinion, but if you ask me, there should be some heavy testing on that theory.

5:14 PM, November 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In many movies there are the assumption that zombies can tell livind from themselves but you can not compare it to shaun of the dead because that movie was a comedy and as most zombie comedies are written something stupid like being able to walk in a field of zombies is ok. But when you are making a scary movie only then can you compare it to other scary zombie movies.

4:07 PM, December 11, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well here is a thought where would u stash urself and what would be a good idea for a plan because i want to prepare for the virus and i want to save my ass and a few of my friends

1:43 PM, January 05, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are some basic help and needs to survive a zombie attack.
1.Weapons are important, the weapons have to be very light and easy to carry. The best weapon would be some kind of carbine of some type.
2.You must also make sure that there is a lot of ammo for them.
3.If you choose to defend your home remember that no place is safe only safer.
4.Make sure you have the right gear for sesons and environment.
5.Don't be afraid if you freeze up at anytime you or people around you can die.
6.A knife or small sword never has to reload.
7.Have tight clothes and short hair. If you don't it is just one more thing for a zombie to grab onto.
8.If you run away from a zombie attack use a dirt bike than a car. Abike can go places that a car cannot go.
9.Don't stop moving only for important things(sleep, using the bathroom, ... etc)
10.Stealth is important. Some can see you but must can hear you.
11.Keep your eyes and ears open. Always be alert most deaths come from people being to carless.
12.If you live threw the attack the threat still lingers. The Solanum virus can last a day or two.
Hopfully this helps you in some basic areas.

2:07 PM, July 02, 2007  
Anonymous thomas read said...

You people have to stop citing movies as sources. Those are obvious works of fiction, and are not useful in a discussion about REAL zombies.

12:17 AM, August 02, 2007  
Blogger The Melon said...

I hope must of you have read the Zombie Survival Guide. So I won't repeat anything from it. Lets be honest.Solanum is a rare virus. I have noticed in my studys that attacks are getting more urgent. lots of mysteruis deaths and missing person... We need to stay alert. I have a feeling that an iinfection is going to happen very soon. The Asian continent worries me. Whith Project Cherry Bloom, Project Sturgeon and Project Eternal Wakeing Nightmare Taking placr there. (Projects by In order of country Japan, Russia, and China. An attack could be happening right now

11:24 AM, August 16, 2007  
Blogger Mancer said...

Solanum is not a real virus, it is purely fictional. 'Solanum' is a plant genus, that doesn't cause zombification. 'The Zombie Survival Guide' is a fictional survival guide written, a parody written by Max Brooks, writer of Saturday Night Live and son of Mel Brooks.

6:50 AM, September 09, 2007  
Anonymous Josh said...

Theoretically if one is infected with Solanum his or her brain might be "changed" as one would call it. Transformed in a way of sensing things we cannot, and considering that the virus creates new tissue and organs on the front of the brain this is a possibility that they could have senses we may of never thought of thus making it extremely difficult to find a way to making us "invisible" to it. And in theory a cure is impossible for the virus because the victim is already dead, the virus is the only thing keeping him/her barely alive. Which means if they are infected or "bitten" then they are already considered dead. If you are bitten in the hand it may be too late and cutting your hand off may not work. But if your bitten in the hand and you cut your entire arm off within probably around 30 seconds without moving your arm in an adrenalin rush for example you may survive if someone is with you keeping you from losing too much blood. But since the zombies brain is "mutated" they may also have higher senses of smell for example and may smell the blood down the hall. So unless Witchcraft or something of that nature is real we cannot bring the "dead" back before their body rots of decay and ask them questions about the virus. So if they are somewhat alive when infected they may realize whats going on and think for them selves but hunger has often proven a powerful enemy, such as cravings and cannot control themselves for very long. And if you believe in Demons from hell this may be an attempt from the Devil to rule over Earth and demons may be controlling the body but since on the other side (hell) meaning they have to meditate for example to control the body then they won't be able or it would be extremely difficult to use but a small percentage of the brain in theory of course.

3:25 AM, October 12, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need to be able to adapt, there have been no recorded out-breaks and we need to be ready for anything, It could have no symptoms, only affect the infected at night, etc, etc. Although many of these are improbable, but so is the possibility of an outbreak, not trying to start a controversy but the chances of it happening are slim, About the chance of ahurricane hitting Wisconsin.. although the chances of that happening are VERY slim, that doesn't mean there is not a threat, so we need to be prepared for the threat to be unique, rage zombies, slow zombies(best case scenario), or maybe rage zombies at night, slow during the day.

Be creative and think up scenarios, have plans for each one.

Be ready,

7:22 PM, January 31, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zombies are fictional monsters. Look up solanum and you'll find plants. All the movies you guys are citing are just that, movies. I believe in aliens and ghosts, but zombies? C'mon it's not going to happen. If the body is decomposing while it's walking around, it would only last a week or so, because the ligaments and tendons would rot.

6:56 PM, April 26, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We know it's fictional, einstein. It's called "playing along with the gag."

10:14 PM, May 10, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if it would EVER be possible for zombies, or reanimation. Not nec. the "braaaaaaaaaaaaains" type zombies, but just the ability to revive the deceased

8:35 AM, May 12, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honestly, I hope zombies are real, if they aren't that'd be awfully depressing. I want to fight off zombies in my lifetime. And honestly, yeah Solanum is a plant, but who is to say that it isn't a virus as well? All I have to say is that if zombies attack, I'm fucking ready, and if they do not, I will be seriously depressed.

4:16 PM, October 05, 2008  
Anonymous Hank_L said...

If zombies seek human victims in order to transmit the virus, there remains the question of why Romero-Fulci is only observed in Homo Sapien. My theory for the explanation of humanity's unique ability to be reanimated is that humans are capable of reason. The amount of brain cell density required for the maintenance of what we percieve as the mind results in our brains being the most complicated out of all living creatures, and therefore is capable of retaining the parts of the brain (particularly the medulla oblongata) nesecary for unlife. Other animals simply expire from the virus, since the severe brain damage inflicted by the virus "eats" far too much of other brains in order for the virus to use them. Since the ultimate trait of zombies is their lack of fatigue, it is entirely possible that while the krebs cycle cannot occur, lactic acid fermentation can. Due to the diminished adenosine-triphosphate produced through lactic acid glycolysis, a severe lack of coordination would occur, resulting in the staggering motor function observed in zombie specimens, as well as theit moan, since the vocal chords are still muscle tissue, after all.

Also begged by the theory of transmission motivation is why some victims are completely devoured by their zombie feeders. Perhaps the prescence of human meat is a deterrent to decomposing microbes. This implies the frightening thought that solanum is so sophisticated a virus that it can reprogram human instincts.

See if you have an easy time sleeping with THAT thought XP.

9:01 PM, November 18, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i know no one will probably read this. its been over a year since the last comment. but here we go:

there are many diaries about the "dead coming to life" impossible? no, possible? unlikely. nothings impossible. you need a good knowledge of all surroundings to really consider zombies.

there are no recorded attacks? ever think governments try to cover this s up? just as they do when they talk about terrorist attacks or a simple attack is a terrorist attack. so on so on.

solanum could be a myth, so its a plant. eh? many words in the english language have different meanings. going on from that wikipedia can be used by anyone, anyone can put a meaning on there for any word.

i also see everyone loves max brooks, as do i, but you cant rely on just him for a zombie attack. has he ever seen one? have any of you? hell no. people probably have but hey all stories can be covered up or go by the game all us kids played when we were lil called telephone. i believe an attack could happen. i wont let it run my life of coarse, but i would be ready.

3:08 PM, September 13, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Solanum... In reply to your query of how to restrain a zombie to retreive the virus to insert into the fake body tissues of this suit; as the virus can survie without human tissues for say 48 hoirs. Then a zombie would have to be singled out and slain and a sample from its saliva/blood to be removed safely would theb reduce the risk to the non infected inventor of this body suit. However i disagre with the suit idea as once created if not safe. If this suit was containing the contaminated fluids was being worn by an uninfected, and the caught the suit on a sharp corner for example. The suit would tear possibly all the way through possibly into the uninfecteds real human tissuse. And infect. Like a bite. Surrounding your entire body with contamined fluids is not the safest idea.

4:17 PM, September 02, 2011  
Anonymous an amatuer zombie hunter said...

so the real reason zombie crave human over animal is that we have quicker and smother than theres. there is also a debate wether zombies have night vision. note this is a 6th grader. just keep in mind that zombie DO NOT have supernatral powers. this is not a resident evil movie guys. the real thing. so my firs sentence was back to how they can tell us from the ranks of there own. but yes we can cover our sent with there smell. another reason. we smell differint from them.(read the walking dead componium 1 we can learn lots of stuff from that.) so thats that

4:12 PM, January 09, 2012  
Anonymous an amatuer zombie hunter said...

and since china is a communist county there could be a class 3 or 4 happing there now

4:18 PM, January 09, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I definitely think there is something that makes a zombie think that we are a zombie and pass us right by. And whatever that is we need to find out soonest.

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5:56 AM, November 05, 2014  

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