13 June, 2005

All About the Undead

This blog will focus almost exclusively on zombies. However discussion of other topics pertaining to the undead (like vampires, mummies, etc.) will also be tolerated, especially when the subject matter intersects with zombies. For anyone interested in zombie history, biology, survival, movies, etc. this is the place to be.


Blogger zombiekid said...

tips for an outbreak:
- avoid highly populated areas
- if at all possible, stay with a group; being alone is a bad idea.
- if possible, find a secure location other than your home.
- if stuck in your home: lock and firmly barricade all doors and windows.
- make sure you have plenty of food and water; you might be holed up a long time.
- what to keep handy at all times: a phone (if there's still power), a radio (for news updates) flashlights and extra batteries, and last but far from least: anything that could possibly be used as a weapon.
- have acessible transportation in case of an emergency

6:47 PM, May 21, 2006  

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