16 June, 2005

To Kill A Zombie

Alright, perhaps my strict anti-shot stance was a little unwarranted. As I read through all of the comments about my original post I noticed a few things that I felt deserved comment.

First, I do not advocate using anything other than a .22 long rifle unless the situation can be considered life threatening (or life threatening for someone you intend to rescue). Thus the point of using a shotgun is obviously due to the fact that you're in close quarters and need knockdown power, or if it is all you have.

If it is all you have and you need to strike from a distance you will be greatful for the slugs you have since anything other than a slug at a distance will merely alert the zombie to your presence. Jon's point about slug penetration I felt was a good one.

I think after reviewing the other ideas I'll amend my position to say this: Carry a lot of .22 ammo - use it unless your life is threatened. If you must use a shotgun alternate your 00-Buck and your slugs. Also....carry at least one 30+ caliber pistol.


Blogger wwinkler said...

I think you all are forgeting some things. Yes shotguns are nice, they do lots of dammage, they also only hold and average of 6 shots. So weather you are using shot or slugs you have a limited number of shots. I would probably go with a DE .45 with balistic tip bullets. A central shot to the front or side of the skull should take the majority of the brain out thus nutrilizing your zombie. Plus they have an available round capacity of 15. Which means you can get alot more shots off with it than a shot gun and you can reload much faster as well.

12:13 PM, June 24, 2005  
Blogger wheelz said...

Keep in mind, however, that we're talking about a CQB sutuation, which means you're not gonna take time aiming for the head. Or at least you shouldn't. If you are in a situation where you have time to aim for the head then you shouldn't be wasting powerful pistol ammo. The .22 should be your weapon of choice. If you must use a pistol because of a CQB situation I recommend hollow points in order to maximize knockdown power. The purpose of ballistic tipped rounds is for rapid expansion upon collision with the target. This does not, however, maximize knockdown power.

12:26 PM, June 24, 2005  
Blogger wwinkler said...

It isnt exactly knock down power we are going for here. Like you said, the purpose of ballistic tips is for rapid expansion upon collision with the target. You hit a zombie in the head with one of these it will do more damage to the brain as a whole than compared to a typical round, as it expands its tears at a larger portion of the brain. So I stand by my thoughts.

3:13 PM, June 25, 2005  
Anonymous Graeme said...

all this talk of what guns to use is a bit useless to me. I live in Scotland and im always contemplating outbreaks im my area, but we would get it worse than you guys. Only certain police officers have guns, we would have to resort to close combat with the infected.

11:28 AM, August 15, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you guys think to much be prepared and worry about it when it happens

2:22 PM, November 09, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a certain value to be considered in the more melee forms of combat against the undead. Perhaps a formed plastic or leather armor, a shield, and something heavy to bash heads with isn't so strange when topic is as far removed as Zombism. The key to survival for those of us without access to firearms would, therefore, become mobility. Choosing to engage zombies in widely staggered form would dramatically increase one's chance for success, but choosing to engage large hordes would spell near certain doom.

Some discussion of melee alternatives seems warranted.

12:39 PM, October 30, 2006  
Anonymous I'm Fuckin' Lou said...


first of all, thanks for weighing in. I think we Yanks often forget about of brothers avross the pond when we go on on on about the fruits our second ammendment. As I have mentioned in prvious posts, a good ice pick is an excellent zombie killer, and a reinforce garden tool always makes a good start. take a walk to the local hardware store, or order some good martial arts weapons online. making a bow or crossbow from scratch is also a simple alternative to firearms. I think as americans and zombie enthusiasts, we think that a shotgun or an ak47 will turn us into bruce cambell. however, I am a member of the US military with access to anything from pistols to machineguns to fully automatic grenade launchers in the event of of a zombie breakout. Yet I also possess the training and common sense to know that you use terran, cover, concealment, superior numbers and mobility to execute any operation. Otherwise, you'll end up scrawling a suicide note in your own blood before shambling off to devour your former kindred man. So don't worry about guns. Worry about planning wisely, and stocking up on the essentials. A good plan and a walking stick beats no plan and a fistfull of boom stick.

11:25 PM, October 04, 2007  
Anonymous Stephen said...

I mostly agree with Lou, except that gettting your hands on a katana or a daikatana would be a lot more useful than a stick. Just pop up, decapitate a few, and disappear on the move again.

3:37 PM, November 01, 2011  

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