30 June, 2005

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"

An interesting question was posed by a reader named Derek. He says, "i would like to know if i am welcome in Libby MT if and when this zombie outbreak occurs?"

This is, of course, a major area of contention in zombie survival circles. Since it is such a heated topic I figured I'd make an actual post out of my response instead of keeping it in the comments section.

A lot of would-be survivors out there like to say "Trust noone, help even less" when attempting to survive zombies. I disagree. I believe if you're in a reasonably sized group that contains at least 6 or 8 good marksmen rescue attempts should be made whenever possible. There are several reasons I believe this.

1. A large number of live, healthy humans will be needed to repopulate once the apocalypse has ended.
2. One more live human = one more shooter.
3. No rescue attempt will be made if there's serious risk to our safety anyway, so why not make a rescue attempt whenever reasonably safe (obviously you're never totally safe, so reasonably will do)?
4. If the rescued individual has already been bit when he is rescued we will have no qualms shooting him/her in the head so as to prevent zombification.

Numbers three and four are key since they guarantee the survival of the survivors.

In short, my answer is: Yes - anyone is welcome to join our group of survivors and we will do whatever is needed to rescue who needs to be rescued while still maintaining our own safety.


Blogger Neal said...

I've got to go ahead and post 3-5 people would be ideal for a party in an apocalyptic attack of zombies. A party larger than 5 creates doubt and mistrust. You want to be able to keep your eyes on everyone.

It must also be noted that whenever the number is greater than 5 people get wild ideas like "splitting up" or "sending out a rescue party". Staying together is essential during a zombie attack!

Might I also suggest that body armor is a good way to stay away from bites?

8:27 AM, August 04, 2005  
Anonymous Alexander the Great said...

Furthermore, if on the move, a party of more than 3 greatly increases chances of detection. Zombie senses are reported to be acute and one more person is one more chance to do something clumsy or stupid and start a zombie moaning loud enough to bring on every shambling flesheater for miles.

And body armor only slows one down, encourages foolish risk, and makes noise. Perhaps leather or some thick fabric on the arms, since virtually all defense-inflicted zombie bites are on the limbs, but no more.

8:11 PM, December 28, 2007  
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