24 June, 2005

Zombie Vaccination = Absurdity

Reader WWinkler commented on the last poll by once again citing the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency. I'm serious folks...Pecos is a retard. In the "true" story he recounts, he claims a zombie vaccination was available at the time of its occurance. As my colleague, Matt, and I have already shown (here and here), this Pecos guy is a nutbag. The idea of a vaccination presumes the truth of his theory that zombies are not truly dead. This, of course, is ridiculous as we have already demonstrated in the aforementioned posts. If the zombie is already dead then this is an obvious absurdity since there is no vaccine for death! The best we could hope for is some vaccine that would go to the brain and destroy it thus causing the reanimated corpse to deanimate. Even then the only way the vaccine could work would be if it was injected directly into the brain itself, since there would be no bloodflow to carry the vaccine through the body and to the brain. Pecos' ideas, again, are found to be wildly implausible. I have a feeling this Pecos guy is going to continue to be a thorn in the side of legitimate zombological research as long as the general public continues to give him credit merely because his name has the letters "D" and "R" in front of it.


Blogger wwinkler said...

Pecos=Nutbag. Yes, I agree. The article I posted has nothing to do with the authenticity of Pecos' research, it dealt stricktly with what can happend when and outbreak occurs on a small island. I was not citing Pecos as a "DR", not was I legitimetizing his thoughts on re-animation, or his thoughts on a vacine. We know that it is spread through a virus. The virus stops the heart of the human and puts the mind in a dormant state, while in this state it mutates the brain and many layers of the skeletal stuctures and then reanimates the being in the zombie form. Of course there can be no vaccine for this becaouse that would mean undoing the mutations that had taken place while the mind was dormant. If this was possible the host of the virus would "die" again do to the heart being stoped along with the blood flow being routed through the skeletal system. So for the record I was just citing and acount dealing with the location of an outbreak, not dealing with Pecos' thoughts on zombification.

1:28 PM, June 24, 2005  
Blogger wheelz said...

Probably the two biggest reasons I see to not go to a small, deserted island are as follows:

1) Presumably you go to the island because nowhere else is safe. If this is the case we can expect nearly 100% mortality in other areas of the world. Why does this matter? I hope you were able to bring many other people with you to repopulate the world once it's all over, if not the human race should die off withing 200 years or so. Since the amount of Down's syndrome children that will be produced will make it impossible for the human race to survive on its own.

2) If you're on an island small enough to know that it's deserted there's not going to be enough food and water to sustain the number of people you will need to ensure repopulation. If the island is, in fact, large enough to accomodate said group there will be no way to verify that the island is, in fact, deserted.

4:12 PM, June 24, 2005  

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