24 April, 2006

Recent Poll Results

Here are the most recent poll results. Again, I'm pretty impressed by our readers' collective knowledge of zombie survival principles.

"What is the ideal size for a survival party during the beginning stages of a zombie apocalypse?"

1-2 people - 5% (14 votes)
3-5 people - 48% (142 votes)
6-10 people - 31% (92 votes)
11-15 people - 4% (13 votes)
16-20 people - 1% (4 votes)
21 or more people - 10% (29 votes)

In the interest of disclosure I chose the "6-10 people" option. A full 79% (234) of you chose between 3 and 10 people. This is very good because at least three people are needed to provide security from each necessary direction, but at 10 the group is still small enough to be efficient.

The problem with larger groups of 11 or more (especially 21 or more), which sadly a full 15% (46) of you chose, is that they are less mobile, highly detectable, harder to transport, harder to provide basic resources for and are far more prone to power struggles. Each of these factors dramatically decreases the chances of short term (much less long term!) survival for the group as a whole.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our poll, and I hope to have more great participation in our next one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am startin a groop called the ZRF. i need 4 people to join me, to fight zombies when it happens. and zombie experts are sayin that zombies will attac beetween 2010 to 2020 for more info or join th ZRF CALL MARK AT 303 670 2043 OR POST A COMMENT. to join the ZRF Most have a real gun.

10:12 AM, November 18, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A real zombie survivor's journal: http://aliveinlafuente.com/

2:45 PM, September 04, 2009  
Blogger raikoukin said...

i think that the best group for zombie survival would be 4-8 people in a group

1:25 PM, March 18, 2010  
Blogger Top 5 said...

My Top 5 Infectious Monsters...

5. Aswang
4. Zombie
3. Werewolf
2. Vampire
1. ?????


5:45 PM, April 10, 2011  
Anonymous Weapons and Survival Gear said...

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1:34 AM, February 08, 2012  
Blogger Shu Tang said...


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9:56 AM, October 01, 2012  
Anonymous Zombie Forum said...

Having around 7-10 people in the group is probably the best in my opinion. You would need a strong leader like John Locke in Lost or Jack Shephard. You would further need a good second in command and another person who is also very loyal to the leader. This creates a strong governing unit and keeps the members in check. It works out better this way because smaller groups would get picked off quite quickly by other groups. Some other groups may only work out to be about 3-5 members in size and would easily be overtaken by 7 to 10 armed survivors.

12:43 PM, October 22, 2012  
Blogger Michael said...

The people will live on as zombies, given half a chance:
Show me a man or a woman alone and I’ll show you a piece of fresh zombie-bait.
Give me two zombies on a hot date and I bet you they’ll fall in love over dinner.
Give me three zombies and they’ll invent the charming thing we call a dinner party.
Give me four zombies and they’ll build a pyramid of human dead about their feet.
Give me five zombies and they’ll make one man a social outcast before they devour him.
Give me six zombies and they’ll reinvent the back yard barbecue and eat fresh meat raw.
Give me seven zombies and in seven years they’ll reinvent warfare,
but with zombies doing all the killing.
Man may have been made in the putrifying image of a waxworks doll,
but the zombies in society were made in the image of human beings out to lunch,
and they are always trying to get back home to eat us:
The learning and blundering zombies will live on.

“Zombie Code of Conduct”.

6:59 AM, February 15, 2013  
Anonymous used gun store ga said...

I think 3-5 people is a good number for a survival party during the beginning stages of a zombie apocalypse. The lesser the number of people the easier to provide basic resources for and can be more mobile. Then maybe eventually, you can join other groups if you feel there is a need to. Oh well, I hope I don't get to experience a complete zombie takeover. Scary!

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