19 April, 2007

Necessities Poll

Once again I'm proud of our readers for making wise decisions in a zombie crisis. We all know that the most critical period for survival in the event of an outbreak is the first hour or two, while gaining your bearings and beginning to enact your survival plan. It was that period that our most recent poll tested.

A full 46% (393) of our readers chose weapons as the most important necessity to be secured for zombie survival. This seems to me to be the right answer. After all, what good is food if you can't even protect yourself long enough to eat it? What good is water if you get eaten before you can drink it? What good is group numbers if no one in that group is capable of defending themselves (or anyone else in the group for that matter) against zombies? Frankly I'm disappointed that only 46% chose this option.

Coming in second in the poll was water (20% - 170). This seems fairly reasonable to me since if we take threats in order of their immanence, water should be second. After death by zombie, you're most likely to die of thirst next. You'll certainly die of thirst long before starvation.

In third we had group numbers (17% - 142). To me this one could easily have been above water, so it makes sense that it was barely nudged out by water. After all, group numbers is really another tool (along with weapons) for surviving the most immanent threat to life - zombies.

In fourth place was transportation (10% - 85). This is an interesting one. If you find yourself in a city you're simply not going to survive if you stay there, no matter how many weapons you have. I'm sure for these 10% that is what tipped the scales. But how do you plan to get to that transportation in the first place if you don't have any weapons? Further, what if you don't live in the city? Why concern yourself with transportation above everything else?

The fifth most chosen answer was food at 6% (50). This just seems silly...absolutely silly. A person can survive more than a month with no food. Granted that time will be knocked down significantly under high stress survival situations, but the point still stands - food should not be considered a necessity in the early stages of zombie survival. Concentrate on living in the short term before you concentrate on surviving in the long term.

In last place, surprisingly, was night vision aids (1% - 7). To me this just seems utterly absurd! Why in God's name would anyone choose food over being able to see in the dark when a hoard of zombies is on the loose? In my opinion this could have come in as high as 2nd or 3rd and at the very worst 4th. Remember that we should prioritize necessities by order of the eminence of the threat that they protect against. If that is the case, then night vision should come before even water. A person can go a couple days without water (although, admittedly it will suck), but night falls for about a third of every day! When it's dark out and there are zombies around I assure you you'll be aggressively bartering your canteen for a pair of night vision goggles or a flashlight!

Well, there's my traditional assessment of the poll results. Feel free to rip me to shreds for my idiocy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:05 PM, September 11, 2007  
Anonymous Fletch said...

I feel that water and weapons jockey for position as most important survival element depending on the class of outbreak. I feel that water is most important in both Class 1 and Class 2 outbreaks and only during a Class 3 is its position tenuous.

Feel free to take these comments with a grain of salt if you wish as I have no real data to turn to in defense of them.

5:24 PM, September 12, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

man, you have obviously never used nods before. you get this weird sense of vertigo and it fucks your vision up so bad. You know the crazy scene filmed with night vision in the end of 28 weeks later? That shit was toned down. And as far as food goes... fuck a month. maybe if you were in a coma. without energy from food, you won't last two days on the move. food is more important than sleep. And an MRE has the amount of calories to last a combat soldier 24hrs or more and only weighs a few pounds. and the type of food you choose is important too. 28 days later: sugar crash. so yeah. the list was good, except NVGs shouldnt even be on there and protective clothing should have been.

-the same guy that got on your ass about baseball bats.

PS this really is a good site and you've got some good shit here. I'm just incable of adding in two cents. with me its the whole buck-fifty.

10:42 PM, October 04, 2007  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Yohan said...

I'm not sure which i'd rather be confronted by. The slow rigor-mortis zombie, or the super human strength zombie. Both creep me the eff out.

However, If I were to become a zombie...and some say that I already have, it would be the slow moving "just out of bed" type of zombie.

As I type this message I can feel my juicy brain squirming because I have not had dinner tonight. Hmmm...would you eat your own brian??/

8:54 PM, May 01, 2008  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found the poll answers a little hard to understand. I really put myself in the shoes of someone who survived and in my unpublished book

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A person can survive for:

Three hours without shelter
Three days without water
Three weeks without food

Is a good starting point but you need a total strategy that integrates how you will use various objects.

1:17 AM, May 31, 2008  
Blogger slimjimmy23 said...

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Blogger rintrah said...

I would think in the time immediately following an infestation that you would want weapons and then transportation. If you get transportation quickly before all hell breaks loose, you can get to places to find other supplies while staying relatively safe.

2:25 PM, July 24, 2008  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

well if outbreak did happen, max brooks survival book would be no good in some countrys like Britain were guns are hard to come by & most of south Britain is density population, so make it vary hard to move around. so i would say what country you live in, the list of thing you need the most first weeks of any outbreak is what you can get your hans on. things like MRE,flares,solar-powerd radiods,bicycle-powered electric generator & so on are not the things you find on shop shelf's, you not a soldier. panic is go to be your wost enemy, you going have a lot peope all look do the same thing,so imo what you need do is getsome base so you can fill it with supplies, it no good have a gun when have 40-50 zomble all around you & you got know were to go. ( sorry for spell i'm dyslexia)

5:32 PM, December 21, 2008  
Anonymous Maxine said...

Haha I love the weaponry/accessories links in your sidebar- very creative :) I also have a zombie blog about an outbreak in midwest Ohio, if you're interested (link w/ name)

8:25 PM, January 09, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is awesome! I think weapons are most important, then water, then food, then night vision goggles, then transportation. I live in a little town in nowhere, I could just walk to the nearest pasture and make camp with some friends...But you really need the weapons. You can clear an area, threaten people (if necessary), and hunt with guns. I've never used night vision goggles before, they would probably just mess me up. Also, that whole superhuman strength crap is stupid. it's biologically impossible for something that is for all intents and purposes dead but re-animated to move so quickly.

8:24 PM, March 06, 2009  
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Anonymous dawnofthejed said...

It's the sheep I feel sorry for. Who is going to defend them from the zombie menace?


8:27 AM, June 03, 2009  
Blogger Fraktured Irrelevance said...

LOVE the sniper rifle. Essential. Might I suggest steel ball bearings? Marbles? Zombies falling all over the place. Pretty simple deterrent. Also, can be used with catapult. Question! Can a zombie with no eyes still locate you?

2:45 AM, June 05, 2009  
Blogger Ralph Snart said...

Weapons are the first priority. I think it depends on where you are if water and food are next on the list. If you are somewhere where there is plenty of bottled water and food available then bump that down the list. Worry about fortifying your place and getting a small group together. Large groups of unorganized scared people will do more harm than good. Keep your team small and mobile.

Just some thoughts on that.

5:48 AM, June 10, 2009  
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Blogger ZombieBait said...

Good assement (In my opinion). I think the value oif night-vision equipment during a zombie outbreak is sadly underrated.

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Blogger Flatbush NYC said...

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Anonymous Kevin said...

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Blogger ReApEr said...

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10:21 AM, October 22, 2009  
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Blogger Zombie-X said...

Yeah, rations are definately a necessity when it comes to surviving any kind of situation. guns, definately a long range protection caliber and a close quarters one such as an assault shotgun with buckshot. you may not kill one with it, but you can take out the legs of 2 or 3 in one shot and if they cant move, youve got a great getaway. but hands down, a good mop suit and a blade. the mop suit keeps you from getting infected by splattering blood or saliva, and blades dont need reloading.
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8:11 AM, October 24, 2009  
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Blogger Dave said...

There's way too much acceptance of the sprinting "zombie" these days. It's time to fight for the integrity of the Romero ghoul. Anything that moves faster than an old lady with a walker isn't a zombie. Period. Whick (IMHO) makes weapons NOT the most useful thing.
1). Water.
2). Food.
3). Heavy duty protective clothing.

I'd argue that fuel and transportation (even a bike) trump weapons.

Am I crazy? Maybe.

Joe Caligari

12:48 PM, January 26, 2010  
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Blogger Stewart Sternberg said...

I think the method of zombie destruction depends on whether or not we're dealing with shamblers or runners.

6:48 PM, February 13, 2010  
Anonymous Stormy said...

Oh my goodness, Guns most important no doubt in my mind!!!!! I mean in most zombie apocalypse situations zombies are EVERYWHERE at some point and if you don't have a gun then you are basically done for. I mean peoples initial action is going to shot at the zombie closest to themselves! If a zombie is coming after you and you don't have a gun, and your partners don't even realize it because they are killing the closest zombies to themselves then you are screwed! Am I right? Also I think that I'll note that learning to aim very well would become a HUUUUUUUUGEEE necessity! I mean if you aren't going to shoot and hit the head then get a bat....Or a shotgun would be great for those who don't aim well.


This is the latest chapter in my zombie survival journal and it depicts a situation where a maniac ,protecting a gas station full of supplies, pulls out a gun on one of the main lovable characters, Cole. Immediately Ray pulls out his shotgun from his back strap sheath. He hits the manic in the head from about 10ft.... If you can't aim shotgun is really your best tool! However, make sure you aren't behind anyone when you are shotting! Does anyone agree? BTW... great blog guys! I'd love to trade links! Also, I could really use some zombie expert input! Holla at me zombie bloggers!!!! professionalSNsales@gmail.com :)

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Anonymous Adrian said...

I agree with the outcome of your poll, although I agree with Fletch that certain priorities change based on how serious the outbreak is. In the case of a total outbreak, I'd choose a bunker to hide in over weapons in a heartbeat.

The most foolproof way to survive a Zombie outbreak, however, will always be forethought. My brother has a license to carry a sniper rifle and a shotgun, and he stocks enough ammo for both to survive at least a year of ongoing zombie onslaught. In addition, he has a big basement with a healthy supply of canned food. (We're a family of paranoid zombie-nuts :D ) Therefore, in my individual case, I'd put weapons first, transportation second and then achieve the food, water, companion and shelter necessities in one go.

I love you blog.

12:51 AM, June 17, 2010  
Blogger Robert Cain said...

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Anonymous Bubba said...

Why is there no mention if hideouts? Surely a good hideout would be helpful for storing food/water/hiding from bandits...it worked for those guys in Dawn of the Dead (okay, temporarily!)

4:07 PM, July 03, 2010  
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Anonymous Zomboy said...

Always weapons first. Well.. After a nice cup of tea.

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Anonymous Mr Spontaneous said...

OK So in the event of an out brake my plan of action is already set.
1.Find the nearest car with keys, the bigger the better, 4x4 would be best. The car also doubles up as a weapon as you can run zombies over.
2.Go to a pre-selected secure location. This could be anywhere, mine include police stations, military barracks and supermarkets. Any chosen location will need to be 100% secure and lockable (none of this glass window rubbish) with 2 entry/exit points.
3.Create a secure area, admitting survivors but checking none have been bitten, any that have been bitten are to be sent on their way or if you have any hippies with you that demand that everyone is treated equally you put them all together in a secure lockable room.
That is the short term plan.
From there you then need to start planning for future survival. This will include building internal defenses (in case your first line of defense is compromised) and Organizing scouting raids to find weapons and food.

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Blogger Veer Wilde said...

Water would become more of a necessity if the outbreak happened and spread through water. Although then everyone would be going for the safe water, you'd need weapons to get there first.

6:56 AM, November 22, 2010  
Anonymous Charlie the Zombie said...

This blog is weird: http://southwoldsurvivor.blogspot.com/

I'm worried this guy might have a mental condition and has actually just killed his neighbour :-/ but still, it's cool.


6:23 PM, December 20, 2010  
Anonymous Tim said...

I think weapons are definitely a very important part of surviving however I do not feel that one person alone can really handle the onslaught and so the plan becomes very important.


6:03 PM, January 02, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would you need night vision aids when the zombies are moaning to let you know where they are? Also, because zombies don't have body heat, thermal sights don't work against them. Night vision aids are useless and simply extra baggage that you should replace for more essentials.

10:18 AM, January 06, 2011  
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However, depending on where you live, and how naturally fortified your home is, you might want to consider not leaving for a few days, unless you HAVE to.

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Blogger Craig said...

Excellent post-- I especially liked how high up water was on the list. It's so easily overlooked when running from slavering zombie hordes. Not only is it vital to drink, but if the body of water is large enough to wade into, it slows the zombies down. But sometimes we try so hard to stay alive, we forget to stay human. That's why I nominate, for inclusion in your worthy list-- jazz. It's what we're all about at http://zombieradioshow.com

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Blogger JacLynn said...

I have to agree that weapons are numero uno incase of an outbreak especially since I've got water purrification tablets in my emergency kit that I carry with me!


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To me the hand guns are a no brainer.

The rifle would be good in some cases i.e defending a possition.

But if you were out on the move you would need something more practical and dynamic.

A melee weapon for bludgeoning can be pulled from almost anywhere.

10:04 PM, January 08, 2012  
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Water and weapons are definitely top of the list. Nice post.

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Anonymous Caterina Torres said...

This is so awesome! I didn't know you did a test about which things were the most important to people if there was a zombie outbreak.

-Caterina Torres

1:23 PM, February 27, 2012  
Blogger Aaron said...

What good are weapons if you can hide from the zombies?

Great look on zombie apocalypse,interesting psychological story:

10:40 AM, March 17, 2012  
Blogger CRAIG ETHER said...


2:52 PM, March 24, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weapons certainly first. If you were in the middle of the city, I would think transportation would have to be second.

Check out "Mace of the Apocalypse," which directly addresses this question, since it takes place in San Francisco during the beginning stages of a zombie apocalypse.


3:28 PM, April 21, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weapons are important, but food and water are necessary. If you can hide or hopefully outrun the zombies, then weapons are secondary. Of course if it was the zombie apocalypse, I would imagine that there would be plenty of everything.

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1:44 PM, May 25, 2012  
Anonymous Pelican Cases said...

What good are the tools to fight zombies without a case? Some good criteria would be bulletproof (just so it's hard enough for protection), waterproof, and easy to carry when escaping.

9:15 AM, May 31, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must agree with the majority in that weapons, although deemed a nessecity in certain situations, would prove to be somewhat useless if you were unable to survive long enough to use them.
Without food and water you are not going to last long anywhere. Yes, I would like a baseball bat but I would much prefer a good hiding place and a ham sandwhich!

Also, NVG. Really! A: I am never going to put myself in a pitch black situation with zombies. I will be waiting it out by preference. and B: Zombies are people too (please dont write in) if I cant see in the dark, why would they be able to. If a zombie has (apparently) a lower intelligence and cognitive ability than me then by all rights I am already at an advantage where senses are deprived, I dont need to have a bulky, battery eating piece of nonsense kit with me to feel better.

Fox like wit and good preparation/fore thought is all you need!

4:29 AM, June 01, 2012  

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